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Strip poker and Google: What a team

Strip poker is alive and well. Just ask your search engine...

by Poker Pervert PokerJolt January, 23rd 2011
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Strip poker babe Victoria Moore understands the rules superbly

Above: Strip poker babe Victoria Moore understands the rules superbly

Strip poker is the theme of the sizzzling video, which someone had left just lying around on the internet

Strip poker is back, it's official!

I discovered this joyous fact tonight armed only with rubber gloves, a tin of industrial-strength bicycle lube and a functioning, if suspiciously sticky, QWERTY keyboard.

Yes, after a hard day helping pensioners complete tricky jigsaws at my local community centre, I decided it was time for a bit of 'me time'.

Being a poker pervert, I immediately headed to Google in search of the usual half-naked suspects: Kara Scott, Beth Shack, Vanessa Rousso, Liz Lieu...I could go on.

But I didn't.

For some reason, perhaps out of curiosity, I went old school.

My fingers, inexplicably, typed the keywords: 'Strip Poker' into the Google Videos search and hit enter.


What I found was an absolutely incredible video of Victory Poker's hottest babes on a 'Strip Poker photoshoot' in London last year.

Quite which internet stone this little treat had been hiding under for so long is beyond me. But who cares!?

Poker sexbomb Sara Jean Underwood may look more plastic than a spatchula in a toddler's toy factory, but she comes up trump here and introduces a whole bevvy of British beauties.

They include sizzling Essex girl Victoria Moore, feisty feline Emma Glover and part-time page 3 girl Rosie Jones.

The 'plot' (bear with me) consists of them visiting London's Mayfair Hotel and removing all their clothes.

It's quite a video.

And you can see it HERE.

Enjoy, you disgraceful degenerates...

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