PokerJolt - News & Blogs /news-and-blogs/ Poker News, Poker Strategies & Tips, Poker Player & Tournaments, Texas Hold'em en 2018-08-16 Poker mad Rafa Nadal signs for PokerStars /news/poker-news/303/Poker-mad-Rafa-Nadal-signs-for-PokerStars <a href="/news/poker-news/303/Poker-mad-Rafa-Nadal-signs-for-PokerStars"><img src="/img/pictures/132/635.jpg"></a><br><br>RAFA NADAL has joined PokerStars, the world's largest online poker site. The 26-year-old, one of the finest tennis players of all time, signed a surprise deal after deciding he wanted to improve his poker. He will be mentored by PokerStars... 2012-06-23 00:00:00 Kara Scott busts out of WPT with nut flush /news/poker-news/302/Kara-Scott-busts-out-of-WPT-with-nut-flush <a href="/news/poker-news/302/Kara-Scott-busts-out-of-WPT-with-nut-flush"><img src="/img/pictures/132/634.jpg"></a><br><br>Kara Scott has been eliminated from the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star event in California...with a nut flush! The 34-year-old poker babe hit the rail on Day 1B of the $3.5m event when she ran into a straight flush towards the end of play. It was... 2012-03-07 00:00:00 MicroMillions: 18,000 sign up for first event /news/poker-news/301/MicroMillions-18-000-sign-up-for-first-event <a href="/news/poker-news/301/MicroMillions-18-000-sign-up-for-first-event"><img src="/img/pictures/132/633.jpg"></a><br><br>More than 18,000 people have already signed up to the first event in the new Pokerstars MicroMillions. The new tournament series - which lets players compete for huge prize pools with tiny buy-ins - was only announced last week. But already... 2012-03-06 00:00:00 Now Zynga launches bingo on facebook /news/poker-news/300/Now-Zynga-launches-bingo-on-facebook <a href="/news/poker-news/300/Now-Zynga-launches-bingo-on-facebook"><img src="/img/pictures/132/631.jpg"></a><br><br>The firm behind Zynga Poker has launched a new bingo game on facebook. Zynga Bingo - which is based closely on the offline game - enables players on the social network to take on their friends in real time. Zynga, which also owns the Words With... 2012-02-24 00:00:00 Full Tilt Poker bosses 'are telling truth' /news/poker-news/299/Full-Tilt-Poker-bosses-are-telling-truth- <a href="/news/poker-news/299/Full-Tilt-Poker-bosses-are-telling-truth-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/629.jpg"></a><br><br>Full Tilt Poker collapsed without its main shareholders even knowing the company was in trouble, poker legend Doyle Brunson has claimed. The 78-year-old said he has spoken in detail to Howard Lederer - one of four Full Tilt directors being... 2012-02-22 00:00:00 PokerStars forced into giving refunds after server problems /news/poker-news/298/PokerStars-forced-into-giving-refunds-after-server-problems- <a href="/news/poker-news/298/PokerStars-forced-into-giving-refunds-after-server-problems-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/628.jpg"></a><br><br>PokerStars was forced into offering thousands of players refunds today after the company's servers crashed. The world's biggest poker site became impossible to access for many players - including those in the middle of games - shortly after 10am... 2012-02-21 00:00:00 Online poker will be illegal in US 'until 2013' /news/poker-news/297/Online-poker-will-be-illegal-in-US-until-2013- <a href="/news/poker-news/297/Online-poker-will-be-illegal-in-US-until-2013-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/627.jpg"></a><br><br>Online poker will remain illegal in the United States until 2013 at the earliest, a leading analyst has claimed. Macquarie Securities gaming expert Chad Beynon told investors that US poker players will have to wait 'at least' another 12 months... 2012-02-20 00:00:00 Zynga Poker makes $1.14 billion /news/poker-news/296/Zynga-Poker-makes-1-14-billion- <a href="/news/poker-news/296/Zynga-Poker-makes-1-14-billion-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/626.jpg"></a><br><br>Zynga Poker has reported staggering record revenues of $1.14 billion. The firm behind facebook's most popular games, including Farmville and Words with Friends, also said the huge rise in income was set to continue this year. But the online... 2012-02-17 00:00:00 PokerStars launches iPhone and iPad app /news/poker-news/295/PokerStars-launches-iPhone-and-iPad-app <a href="/news/poker-news/295/PokerStars-launches-iPhone-and-iPad-app"><img src="/img/pictures/132/625.jpg"></a><br><br>Te race to dominate real money mobile poker apps has taken off after PokerStars yesterday launched apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. The world's biggest poker site released Apps - approved by Apple - which give players the ability... 2012-02-16 00:00:00 Poker on iPhone 'set to explode' in 2012 /news/poker-news/294/Poker-on-iPhone-set-to-explode-in-2012 <a href="/news/poker-news/294/Poker-on-iPhone-set-to-explode-in-2012"><img src="/img/pictures/132/624.jpg"></a><br><br>Real money poker on the iPhone received a huge boost today when announced a huge expansion in its service. The site was the first poker operator on the Ongame network to launch real-money poker game in France, Austria and United... 2012-02-15 00:00:00 Isildur1 pockets $211k in 'sick' online session /news/poker-news/292/Isildur1-pockets-211k-in-sick-online-session <a href="/news/poker-news/292/Isildur1-pockets-211k-in-sick-online-session"><img src="/img/pictures/132/622.jpg"></a><br><br>Isildur1 Viktor Blom has won a staggering $211,000 in just one session on PokerStars. The 21-year-old, who won, lost and won back millions playing online last year, played 6,291 hands without a break on Wednesday night. The session, described... 2012-02-09 00:00:00 Online poker in Belgium takes a big step forward /news/poker-news/293/Online-poker-in-Belgium-takes-a-big-step-forward <a href="/news/poker-news/293/Online-poker-in-Belgium-takes-a-big-step-forward"><img src="/img/pictures/132/623.jpg"></a><br><br>Poker players in Belgium will now be able to play on PokerStars indefinitely after the country's gaming commission granted the site a full license. It is the latest move by authorities to officially regulate online poker in Europe. PokerStars... 2012-02-09 00:00:00 Fabio Capello: How to make money out of the England manager quitting /blogs/this-time-next-year/291/Fabio-Capello-How-to-make-money-out-of-the-England-manager-quitting <a href="/blogs/this-time-next-year/291/Fabio-Capello-How-to-make-money-out-of-the-England-manager-quitting"><img src="/img/pictures/132/621.jpg"></a><br><br>Fabio Capello quit tonight as manager of England. Blah blah blah. Who cares? We're still not going to win the Euros. &nbsp; What you really want to know is how to make cash out of Capello's departure. And. I have some good news for you.... 2012-02-08 00:00:00 Luca Pagano breaks record for EPT cashes /news/poker-news/290/Luca-Pagano-breaks-record-for-EPT-cashes- <a href="/news/poker-news/290/Luca-Pagano-breaks-record-for-EPT-cashes-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/620.jpg"></a><br><br>Luca Pagano has broken his own record for cashes on the European Poker Tour by pocketing &euro;110,000 at the EPT Deauville. The 33-year-old had already burst through the bubble an astonishing 19 times at EPT events. And he made that 20... 2012-02-07 00:00:00 Phil Hellmuth loses $21,000 on the Super Bowl /news/gossip-girls/289/Phil-Hellmuth-loses-21-000-on-the-Super-Bowl <a href="/news/gossip-girls/289/Phil-Hellmuth-loses-21-000-on-the-Super-Bowl"><img src="/img/pictures/132/618.jpg"></a><br><br>Phil Hellmuth lost an eye-watering $21,000 last night betting on the Super Bowl. The Poker Brat put eight hefty wagers on before and during the game. Unfortunately for the 47-year-old every single bet exploded, leaving him nursing his biggest... 2012-02-06 00:00:00 Daniel Negreanu: Hacker has cost me $61,000 /news/poker-news/285/Daniel-Negreanu-Hacker-has-cost-me-61-000 <a href="/news/poker-news/285/Daniel-Negreanu-Hacker-has-cost-me-61-000"><img src="/img/pictures/132/614.jpg"></a><br><br>Daniel Negreanu has revealed that an email hacker who logged into his PokerStars account 'for a joyride' has cost him $61,000. The 37-year-old had his hotmail hacked last week as he was on a plane back to Las Vegas from the Aussie Millions in... 2012-02-05 00:00:00 Is Sir Alex Ferguson channeling Roger Moore? /blogs/this-time-next-year/286/Is-Sir-Alex-Ferguson-channeling-Roger-Moore- <a href="/blogs/this-time-next-year/286/Is-Sir-Alex-Ferguson-channeling-Roger-Moore-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/615.jpg"></a><br><br>Sorry to go off piste, but did anyone else notice what Sir Alex Ferguson was wearing at Chelsea today? The 70-year-old arrived in Roman Abramovich's back yard in what can only be described as 'Roger Moore Chic'. The United boss went for it in a... 2012-02-05 00:00:00 So what were Daniel Sturridge and Danny Welbeck talking about? /blogs/this-time-next-year/288/So-what-were-Daniel-Sturridge-and-Danny-Welbeck-talking-about- <a href="/blogs/this-time-next-year/288/So-what-were-Daniel-Sturridge-and-Danny-Welbeck-talking-about-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/616.jpg"></a><br><br>There is a disturbing trend in modern football where players cover their mouths when talking to each other. Aware their every move is being tracked by TV cameras, they deliberately put their hands in front of their faces like self-important... 2012-02-05 00:00:00 Take That star Robbie Williams to launch poker website /news/poker-news/284/Take-That-star-Robbie-Williams-to-launch-poker-website- <a href="/news/poker-news/284/Take-That-star-Robbie-Williams-to-launch-poker-website-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/611.jpg"></a><br><br>Robbie Williams has announced he is to launch his own poker website. The Take That star, 37, plans to make live later this year. The news immediately sparked some controversy, with some MPs claiming a 'former drug... 2012-02-04 00:00:00 Poker pundit sacked from jury for Tweeting during trial /news/poker-news/283/Poker-pundit-sacked-from-jury-for-Tweeting-during-trial- <a href="/news/poker-news/283/Poker-pundit-sacked-from-jury-for-Tweeting-during-trial-"><img src="/img/pictures/132/609.jpg"></a><br><br>A world-famous TV poker pundit has been sacked from a jury - for Tweeting 'live' throughout the case. Norman Chad, the veteran World Series of Poker analyst, was supposed to be concentrating on a burglary trial. But he found it more amusing to... 2012-02-03 00:00:00