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So, who is the hottest woman in poker?

Poker babes are everywhere. But who is the nuts?

by Poker Pervert PokerJolt July, 11th 2010
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Liv Boeree is hotter than Death Valley, but too clever for me

Above: Liv Boeree is hotter than Death Valley, but too clever for me

Liv Boeree is hotter than Death Valley, but too clever for meLeilani: Old as a fishwife, but a worthy winner
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Brandi Hawbaker undoubtedly has the most stupidly American name possible

Browsing this site's Poker Girls gallery over the weekend, I got a banging headache.

Hot girls are, it seems, everywhere in poker at the moment.

There are actresses, models, TV presenters, pros. Slim ones, thin ones, fat ones who are chunky as hell but still cute...Americans, Brits, Vietnamese and Nordic poker goddesses.

Basically, there's something for everyone.

So, how  - given the assumption that all of them are up for it - is a man to choose?

Shannon Elizabeth has been a long-standing favourite of mine and, I imagine, many a poker pervert. But let's be honest, her best years are behind her.

Liz Lieu, Evelyn Ng and Vanessa Rousso are undoubtedly hot and fantastic players to boot, but they don't have the surprise value anymore. Collectively they've been playing poker for 687 years.

Of the Yanks, Brandi Hawbaker, Clonie Gowen, Sara Jean Underwood and Beth Shak are all serious contenders. Hawbaker mainly because she has the most stupidly American name possible.

I'm a big Liv Boeree fan. But she's a keen astrophysicist. Don't seem my type somehow.

In the end, after two days of vigorous analysis, I settled on another, more controversial Brit as my ultimate poker babe pick: Leilani.

Remember her? The slightly ropey page three girl that went through more footballers than Chopper Harris on a bad day?

Ok, granted, at 30 she's not in the first flush of youth. She's got a wonky nose and seems to be on some deranged, permanent pilgramage to a Jennifer Love Hewitt lookalike convention.

But you know what, she's hot.

She's from Blighty.

And she's in my league. Well, she must be...most of her exes are playing in the Conference.  

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