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Jennifer Leigh: I want to be a brunette

It's Jennicide for the blonde locks as Jennifer Leigh hints at mop change

by Alligator Blood PokerJolt October, 26th 2010
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Jennifer Leigh is to become a brunette [Pic: michaelvincent.com]

Above: Jennifer Leigh is to become a brunette [Pic: michaelvincent.com]

Jennifer Leigh is the most iconic blonde babe in poker...but not for long

Word reaches 5am that Jennifer Leigh, the ultimate poker blonde, may be about to go...brunette!

Surely, you rightly say, such a travesty could never occur?

Well, sorry guys, but it's absolutely true..and it will happen within days. 

Jennicide has told pals that she's 'nervous' about making the big leap but excited because she hasn't had a dramatic new look in years.

The 27-year-old sex bomb is said to favour a 'dark brown' colouring and is adamant that she wants to 'change up' and her infamous blonde locks have to go.

Stay tuned..5am will bring you the first pictures as and when the big event occurs.

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