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Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias wearing, well, not much really [Pic: facebook]

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Melanie Iglesias wearing, well, not much really [Pic: facebook]Melanie Iglesias is one hot sexy poker babe [Pic:YouTube]Melanie Iglesias has not had a boob job. Nature, thanksWhoops! Melanie Iglesias's bikini has fallen offMelanie Iglesias naked. Reminds us of girls from Doncaster...A tasteless, disgraceful close-up of Melanie Iglesias's assMelanie Iglesias. Funny, blue bikinis don't really suit herWhat Melanie Iglesias may look like from behind [Pic: YouTube]Melanie Iglesias makes an old rock very, very happyMelanie Iglesias likes to cool down by removing outer garmentsIf we had this much money, we'd give it to Melanie Iglesias tooMelanie Iglesias with the World Poker Tour Royal Flush GirlsMelanie Iglesias proves less can sometimes be more [Pic: WPT]Melanie Iglesias proves she really does have a top pairThe impossibly sexy Melanie Iglesias [Pic: World Poker Tour]Melanie Iglesias and her magnificent breasts really love musicEr, Melanie, what's that odd stain on your Superwoman badge?Melanie Iglesias. Just your average girl on a webcamWhen Melanie Iglesias isn't naked, she's in hotpantsMelani Iglesias is, like us, a big fan of bikinis [Pic: facebook]Melanie Iglesias in sexy lingerie and stockings [Twitter]

Name: Melanie Iglesias

Age: 31

Born: Brooklyn, New York

Lives: Manhattan, New York

Nickname: Goofball

Melani Iglesias is living proof that Hitler was wrong. What did his insane genetic engineering get him? An army of talking dogs. But look what happens when the human gene pool is allowed to chill out, take its time and enjoy a Bacardi Breezer. Melanie Iglesias was born in Brooklyn, but comes from an exotic mix of Puerto Rican, Italian, Brazilian and Filipina blood. The smouldering brunette - named by Maxim Magazine as one of the hottest women on the planet - also totally loves poker and, until recently, was a WPT Royal Flush girl. Ok, at 5ft6 she's a midget. And by her own admission she's clumsy and she has a tattoo, like some reeking chav, on her wrist. But the model and songwriter is ridiculously hot by anyone's standards, especially ours. Mr Music Man, let's Melanie's pictures play...

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